Sculpture Today by Judith Collins

Artworks - 01/01/2015 - Article : Corinne Crabos

« Sculpture in expansion »… This could well be an alternate title for this 485-page book, which explores contemporary sculpture from 1975 to 2007. Judith Collins provides an overview of no less than three hundred eighty one artists and reveals the different mutations that have shaped up the three dimensional world of sculpture. Throughout this creative burst, richly illustrated by three hundred quality photographs, new themes, new materials, and new spaces are explored by the artists. The author’s thematic choice allows the reader to better grasp the diversity, the affinities and the different viewpoints of the artists who have taken part in this vast movement. Throughout the pages, the reader can observe how sculpture gradually comes to the forefront of the artistic scene. Judith Collins, curator at the Tate in London, offers an essential reference to those who want to enrich their vision and knowledge of contemporary art.

Sculpture Today, by Judith Collins.
A comprehensive and beautifully illustrated overview of contemporary sculpture.