In New York City, George Sherwood’s kinetic art scintillates by the Hudson River

Artworks - 31/01/2015

Along the Hudson River, on the Greenwich Village side, passersby can discover six kinetic sculptures by American artist George Sherwood. He comments about his work:

“Each sculpture is a three-dimensional painting of shifting light, drawing all the colors of the environment, pulling down the sky, drawing up the earth and gathering everything in between. Quietly, gently stirring the light, each is alive: no beginning and no end.”

Hudson River Park is a 550-acre riverside park and estuarine sanctuary located on the west side of Manhattan between Battery Place and W. 59th Street.

George Sherwood : Waves and Particles
Hudson River Park, Greenwich Village section
New York, USA
May – November 2014
In conjunction with the Hudson River Park Trust and the Cynthia Reeves Project.