Zao Wou-Ki’s Les Fonds Marins restored

Artworks - 11/01/2015 - Video : Marian Lacombe

« Les Fonds Marins » is one of the very few mosaics by Zao Wou-Ki (1921-2013). It was created in 1982 for a private garden located in the southwest of France. Two years in the making, the restoration of this monumental work of art has just been completed under the direction of the ESBA TALM.

It included the creation of a new support made of stainless steel adapted to marine environments and designed to resist the strains related to the weather and to frequent flooding. The work was disassembled and transported to the school located in the central region of Touraine before being reinstalled without losing a single tessera in the process.

This project was supervised by professional restorers from the ESBA TALM and entrusted to Muzhi Wang, a young Chinese student, as her graduation project.